Darlene Lind

2023 Fellowship AwardFolk & Traditional Arts

2023 Fellowship Award

Lind, who is Alutiiq/Sugpiat, is one of a handful of Alaska Native artists who create bronze sculptures. Lind shall create and hand carry a maquette of an Alaska Native healer to a foundry in Tacoma, Wash., to be cast in bronze. Lind, creates bronze works in maquette form or life size for private and public settings promoting the rich Indigenous diversity and history of Alaska Native peoples. 

Her sculptures capture the expressions of a past moment in time. As she creates their likeness in clay, she feels guided by an outside source. “This is my joy and heals my soul as well.”   

Artwork samples

“The Chief:” Bronze / 13″ x 9″ x 2″ / 2003.
“Dance of the Gull” by Darlene Lind: Bronze / 11″ x 6″ x 2″ / 2005.
“In Regalia:” Clay bust / 11″ x 9″ by 5″ / 2001.
“In Regalia” cast in bronze in 2002.