Jiin F. Chang

2023 Project AwardMedia Arts

2023 Project Award

Chang, a young filmmaker from Taiwan, will launch his first feature film, “Stranger,” about outsiders and the societal impact of homelessness.

Chang grew up feeling like an outsider most of his life which gives him insight into what it feels like to live in the shadows of indifference and alienation. His own experiences have helped him recognize society’s focus on “self-makingness” and emphasis on individual strength, intelligence and self-reliance. The unshakeable idea of art for Chang is that it is a language of conversation without borders. He wants to show that the real emotions surrounding homelessness are not a result of being houseless but are a result of no one intently listening to these untold stories.

This award will be invested in his proof of concept to include a pitch deck, storyboard, look book and concept video that Chang will use to raise capital and bring his Alaska-based screenplay to life.

Screenshot from previous Jiin Chang film.