Lailani Stone

Finance Assistant

Lailani Stone joined Rasmuson Foundation in October 2021 as finance assistant on the Finance and Administration Team. Before that, she served four years with The Foraker Group as staff accountant and office administrator.

A military lifestyle brought her from her birthplace in the Philippines to Hawaii, where she lived until her early 20s. But this island girl isn’t afraid of Alaska winters! The military life gifted her with a few years in North Dakota before she drove the Alcan in 2013.

As Lailani puts it, she grew up as a choir kid, band geek and theater nerd. She holds a bachelor’s in music education, with a vocal emphasis, from the University of Alaska Anchorage. Much of her affiliation with Alaska’s nonprofits have been through working, performing or volunteering for Anchorage’s performing arts organizations. The baton as the active musician in the family has been proudly passed to her son Robert, a talented violinist.

In Alaska, Lailani fell in love with hiking and often can be found on her way to a summit, snow or not. She also is an active member of the local Latin dance scene as a performer, social dancer and teacher of salsa and bachata.

From getting checks out the door to singing at the company party, Lailani is excited to be part of Rasmuson Foundation and its work serving serve Alaska’s nonprofits!