Myesha Callahan Freet

2023 Project AwardVisual ArtsPhotography

2023 Project Award

Callahan Freet’s project “Share the Load” is a call for mothers to release themselves from the emotional connection to objects that serve as repositories of memories of their children, a form of self-payment from the unpaid labor that comes with motherhood. The project encourages mothers to examine reasons for holding on to their children’s things and provides an outlet for letting go. 

She will ask mothers to surrender several keepsakes from their children and will scan them to produce images representing the emotional burdens each mother is giving up. Selected scans will be printed in large-scale format for exhibitions scheduled in Fairbanks and Anchorage. As a memento of their release, Myesha will return a digital image to the mothers who submit articles to the project.  

Myesha will also interview mothers for a short video in which they will describe their process of letting go. 

Artwork samples

Left: “Load#1″ / photographic print / shows items that inspired the project: collected teeth, hospital bracelet and newborn hat, first teddy bear, and reminders of a first rodeo / 32″x40” / 2022. Right: “Load#2″ / explores the creation of placenta pills intended for the self-care of a mother with two small children but never completed / 32″x40” / 2022.