Sankofa Dance Theatre – Alaska

2023 Fellowship AwardDance/Choreography

About the artist group

Sankofa Dance Theatre – Alaska is a performing arts company specializing in African dance. In the Twi language of Ghana, “Sankofa” means “Go back and fetch it.”

The group includes Johnnie Wright, director, Misha Y. Baskerville, artistic director and 15 members at large.

2023 Fellowship Award

This award will help Sankofa Dance Theatre – Alaska move forward through professional development. The dance company plans to expand knowledge of traditional African dance and professional growth through workshops with Samba Diallo, an international choreographer, performer and instructor from Cote d’Ivoire. Sankofa’s directors will attend a leadership conference and its master drummers will attend an African drum conference.

Sankofa will also rent dedicated workspace for classes, purchase drums and musical instruments, and implement new dance curriculum about African American culture in Alaska schools.

Sankofa members will share their art and learning through community classes and community participation in a cultural theatrical production in February 2024.

Artwork Sample

Sankofa Dance Theatre participated in the citywide, “I Have a Dream” Solidarity Cultural Celebration on Jan. 16, 2023.