‘Wáats’asdiyei Joe Yates

2023 Project AwardMedia Arts

2023 Project Award

‘Wáats’asdiyei, an Alaska Native filmmaker, will create a short narrative film, “My Message to You,” from a child’s point of view about the difficulties that parents experience in passing on their culture. ‘Wáats’asdiyei uses the medium of film as a tool to keep his people’s culture alive by telling their stories accurately and highlighting traditional values.

The award will help pay for gear, stipends for artists and musicians and post-production work. ‘Wáats’asdiyei plans to show his film at film festivals, libraries and schools to help create connections with others who are doing the work to preserve their culture. He says, “Your knowledge is not yours. You got it from someone, and it’s your responsibility to pass it on.”

Trailer for “Indigenous Resistance: Now & Then” by ‘Wáats’asdiyei Joe Yates.