William Kozloff

2023 Project AwardVisual ArtsGraphic novel

2023 Project Award

Kozloff, Unangan from St. Paul and Athabaskan from Tanacross, will create an Alaska Native graphic novel to showcase the richness and complexity of Native identity. Drawing on his personal experiences and research, he will create a rich visual narrative to explore themes of race, religion, colonization and conflict. Melding traditional Native American art forms with contemporary themes, he is contributing to the Native Futurism movement. His graphic novel will combine digital and traditional illustration, and each chapter will feature Kozloff’s street art alongside a narrative written about his experiences and perspective.

Kozloff hopes to challenge stereotypes, promote the work of Alaska Native artists, and inspire a new generation of readers to explore the diverse experiences of Native Americans.

Artwork samples

Artist portrait by the artist. Gallery, top left: “Unangan Scavanger” / digital Native Futurism portrait / 2022. Top right: “Wolf Mask” / digital Native Futurism portrait / 2022. Bottom: “Passing Hands” / spraypaint / mural for Alaska Native Health Consortium / 10′ x 40′ / 2022.