(Photo by Bob Hallinen)

65 Years, 6,500 Investments

See grantmaking across Alaska over the years.

(Photo by Bob Hallinen)

All awards by region, 1955-2019

Rasmuson Foundation has invested in 237 communities from Adak to Yakutat.

Investments include grants, initiatives and program-related investments and include communities that were part of a multi-site award. Dollar figures are rounded to the nearest thousand.

Since 1955, How Many?

From the first $125 for a church projector in 1955 to $1 million to expand Anchorage’s largest domestic violence shelter in 2019, the Foundation has invested in Alaska. Figures include 2020 awards to date.

103 Health Clinics Improved

103 Playgrounds Built

552 Artists Recognized

54 Libraries Improved

21 Health Clinics Improved

2220 Housing Units Added

92 Sabbaticals Awarded

85 Ed Tour Partners

237 Communities Touched

339 Vehicles Bought

including snowmachines, four-wheelers and even a few boats