Investing For Impact

A staff member with the Alaska SeaLife Center interacts with Pilot, a Steller sea lion, in November 2019 before the pandemic temporarily shut down the Center and nearly forced it to close for good. Cruise ship partners, the City of Seward, Alaska businesses large and small, Alaska artists and individuals donated more than $2 million to keep the center operational. It is now stronger than before, and membership numbers have tripled. Other beneficial changes include timed entry for tickets to help with spacing of visitors and a free virtual preschool program thanks to a corporate sponsorship. (Photo courtesy of Alaska SeaLife Center)

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Rasmuson Foundation At A Glance

$729 millionTotal assets as of Dec. 31, 2020
$19 millionin 2020 grant awards and investments
$24 millionin grants and investments paid out
28Foundation Employees

Grantmaking By Program Area in 2020

Investing for impact

Grants supported capital projects big and small, organizations that help under-resourced communities, our COVID-19 emergency response and progress on our homelessness initiative.

In 2020 we awarded more than 370 grants. Here’s where the $19 million in investments went:

128 small grants: Awards of up to $25,000, typically our Tier 1 grants, went for small but essential capital needs such as furniture and as well as emergency needs and operations.

55 COVID-19 response grants: Childcare, technology, arts and culture, crisis needs of individuals, support for critical services and more were addressed through a special COVID-19 response fund.

36 Individual Artist Awards: Alaska artists immersed more fully in their artistry or pursued specific projects.

15 large grants: Our Tier 2 grants supported projects that provided widespread benefit, were of strategic importance or were especially innovative — and sometimes all of the above. The largest award was $5 million to The Alaska Community Foundation to encourage and grow philanthropy across Alaska.

15 homelessness projects: Support for innovative strategies to help youth, pandemic-related crisis needs and rural projects.

13 initiative awards: Support for youth opportunities, with 12 grants to nonprofit or faith-based camps, and one award to Recover Alaska, a program that helps to reduce the harm caused by alcohol misuse.

7 sabbaticals: Nonprofit and tribal leaders renewed themselves.

5 program-related investments: Loans to support nonprofits, small business lending, and family and workforce housing.

4 grants to philanthropic organizations: This support was intended to advance the field of grantmaking.

96 discretionary grants: These grants designated by board and staff benefited nonprofits from Seward to Sitka, supporting food banks, economic development, youth organizations and much more.

Grants awarded through partners: More than 240 additional grants were awarded through partner organizations. In 2020, The Alaska Community Foundation and affiliate funds, the Alaska State Council on the Arts and Museums Alaska all made grants through our support.