Over the last several months, Rasmuson Foundation added seven new team members, building on its operations, programs, and strategy groups. Sarah Allyn and Ryan Krause joined the Foundation’s operations; Jimael Lawson Johnson, Jennifer Rose, and Josh Wilson joined programs; and Farina Brown and Gary Scott are the newest members to the strategy group.    

Sarah joined the team as office manager in late 2023. A member of operations, she works across all departments to support the staff and visitor experience. Sarah joined the Foundation with a health care background in a similar capacity.  

As IT Director, Ryan joins the leadership group at Rasmuson Foundation and is charged with building, managing, and maintaining the Foundation’s technology systems. Ryan recently led IT support for a school district with 1,400 users, where he managed everything from the district’s enterprise design and technology acquisition to in-house software support and customization.  

New program officers, Jimael and Josh are responsible for managing a diverse portfolio of grants. As members of the program group, they both review and analyze proposals, write funding recommendations, and monitor grant performance.  

Jimael has more than 20 years of nonprofit and public service experience, including philanthropic experience as a program officer for the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority.    

Josh has extensive nonprofit experience including serving in the Peace Corps, leading Commonwealth North as a former program director and representing Alaska Correctional Officers.  

Grants Management Associate Jennifer Rose supports grant management activities from intake to award and through grant closure. She provides hands-on technical assistance to prospective applicants, current grantees, and staff. She joined Rasmuson Foundation with more than 15 years of community investment experience with state, federal, and corporate contexts.  

Strategy Group Program Officer Farina Brown works on multi-year strategic initiatives and partnerships to advance Foundation priorities through outreach, convening, collaboration, and grantmaking. She is responsible for monitoring opportunities in areas of interest, while managing partnerships and funding support. The former deputy director for the State of Alaska Division of Public Health, Farina brings organizational level and statewide leadership experience to the Foundation.  

As Director of Communications, Gary joins the leadership and strategy group at the Foundation. He is responsible for establishing and driving multi-channel communications and public relations efforts to manage the Foundation’s brand and elevate our grantees. Gary has traveled to every region of the state leading campaigns representing Alaska’s diverse industries, including nonprofit, health care, housing, finance, and economic development sectors.   

When we are out in the community, please introduce yourself to our new team members. 

Thank you for all you do.  


Gretchen Guess

President & CEO, Rasmuson Foundation