Sara Tabbert

2019 Fellowship AwardCrafts2013 Project AwardFolk & Traditional ArtsAward Amount: $7,500

About the artist

Sara Tabbert is a printmaker and mixed media artist from Fairbanks. Her large-scale public art commissions can be found throughout Alaska. 

2019 Fellowship Award

Tabbert’s woodblock prints and panels reveal oft-overlooked subjects and environments. She will develop new sculptural skills for her upcoming exhibit, “Lowland,” which will explore the strange and beautiful landscapes of Interior Alaska.

2013 Project Award

Tabbert will purchase studio space and work with other woodworkers.

2020 IAA award neckace

Each year, unique necklaces are crafted by a prior-year Individual Artist Award recipient to commemorate the honor. For the 2020 cohort, Tabbert carved and painted yellow cedar into nine different panels. With the help of her woodworking partner, she cut them into strips, then reassembled them into various combinations. The Fairbanks Bowl Company engraved the back.

Award necklaces by Sara Tabbert: Distinguished Artist, Fellowship Award and Project Award.

Artwork by Sara Tabbert

This art was purchased through the Alaska Art Fund managed by Museums Alaska.