Tommy L. Joseph

2012 Fellowship AwardVisual ArtsAward Amount: $12,000

About the Artist

Tommy Joseph is a Tlingit carver from Southeast Alaska. He has been actively engaged in Northwest Coast carving since the 1980s as an instructor, interpreter and demonstrator, and as a commissioned artist. He has produced a wide range of artwork including 35-foot totems, smaller house posts, intricately carved and inlaid masks and a wide range of bentwood containers. He also has replicated Tlingit ceremonial at.oow (treasured objects) and armor. Since the early 1990s, he has been in charge of the carving shop at the Southeast Alaska Indian Cultural Center in Sitka, demonstrating and interpreting Northwest Coast art. In addition, he has been employed by the National Park Service to restore and replicate some pieces in the Park’s extensive collection of totem poles. In 2007 he was named a Kippy Stroud Fellow.

2012 Fellowship Award

Joseph will complete Tlingit battle dress/body armor exhibit.

Artwork by Tommy L. Joseph

This art was purchased through the Alaska Art Fund managed by Museums Alaska.